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Arrow Deckline II models include a variety of components that improve operator performance and add convenience. Examples include standard equipment such as 3-function RF remote, (4) work lights, hose reel with double captive rollers connected to ultra low temp hose with hose end swivel and quick acting hose end valve. Additionally the hose reel is mounted to the deck between rubber isolation blocks to improve cleanliness. Air Toggle Switches and actuators are sandard equipment for chassis equipped with air brakes.


A centrally located power distribution center (PDM) is at the core of the system for powering electronic devices onboard.
Arrow also has electrical wiring diagrams for all our lighting systems and chassis interface. The diagrams label each chassis circuit number, location of the splice and when necessary amperage draw and balance of load remaining.

LIGHTING – Don’t Be Left in the Dark

You ask your Bobtails to work in the harshest environments mother nature can offer. The lighting system is an extremely high priority when it comes to safety and reliability.

Standard LED light fixtures draw minimal amperage and illuminate brighter than incandescent lamps. Wires are molded into a PVC jacketed harness and plug-in connections at each junction are sealed with shrink tube for superior protection from the elements.

Standard lighting components include high mount LED stop and turn lamps as extra measure of safety to warn following vehicles of your intended travel. This is especially helpful when making left handed turns on roads with 2-way traffic (opposing lanes).

Stadium type work lights cast a combined 200 watts of power to provide excellent visibility in darkness. Further assistance is provided via dual 50 watt docking lights mounted mid-ship with 55° projection angle. Rock guards fabricated from stainless steel are a welded component inside the fenders to protect the fixtures.


The secret to our success begins with vessel fabrication that features internal pump discharge (IPD) and internal bypass piping if desired. Most notable benefits are improved safety, cleaner installations, and excellent corrosion protection. Future chassis remounts are simple due to minimal exterior piping.


To enhance flow the pump discharge/re-entry piping is accomplished using a single piece of die formed pipe. Flanged connections are used throughout to improve safety, serviceability, and minimize leaks. Smooth bends enhance flow and reduce the equivalent length of pipe by 70% when compared to threaded elbows. Lastly, we use 2” piping all the way from pump to hose reel inlet to take full advantage of volume.

Volume + Unrestricted Flow = Top Performance & Longevity

Please download our Deckline brochure for more detailed information.