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Arrow Tank and Engineering is the industry’s most complete prover manufacturer. Most of our provers are custom made to each customers specifications so it is hard to list “standard” features. Arrow does stock 25 and 100 gallon Provers that can be customized to your specifications. Provers can be set up by graduations in Liters, Gallons, or Cubic Inches.

Prover Specifications

Designed and fabricated in accordance with the latest ASME Code for unfired pressure vessels, and in accordance with the recommendations of NIST.

Vessel Fittings

  • 1¼ inch Relief Valve Fitting
  • 1¼ inch Bottom Drain Fitting
  • ¾ inch Thermo-well Fitting
  • Liquid Inlet & Outlet Fittings
  • 2″ for 100 gallon
  • 1¼” for 25 gallon
  • ¾ inch Pressure Gauge Fitting
  • ¾ inch Vapor Equalizing Fitting

Design Features

  • Heavy Steel Base Frame
  • Slight Glasses Integrally Welded
  • Reflex Sight Gauges Upper & Lower
  • Vessel & Base Frame Sandblast Finish


Heavy steel legs provide secure mounting of the prover to any stationary location.


All units are calibrated and sealed by the Minnesota State Weights & Measures Department. Each Prover has upper and lower, stainless steel graduated Gauge plates in specified units of measure.

Dimensions & Weight

  • 100 Gallon, OAH = 73 inches, DIA = 42 inches, 900lbs
  • 25 Gallon, OAH = 60 inches, DIA = 24 inches, 400lbs

Design Specifications

  • ASME Code Pressure Vessel
  • Design Pressure 250 PSIG
  • Design Temperature 115° F
  • Hydrostatically Tested @ 375 PSIG
  • Calibrated & Sealed by MN Dept of Weights & Measures

Standard Pumping Package

  • 1¼ inch internal valve with remote operator.
  • Blackmer pump LGF1PC, 8-12 gpm (25 Gallon prover)
  • Blackmer pump LGLF1¼, 17-22 gpm (100 Gallon prover)
  • 1½ HP explosion proof motor 115/230v single phase, 60hz (other voltage options available)
  • 25 foot x 1 inch hose with valve and 1¾ inch ACME coupler
  • Vapor connection with valve and 1¼ inch ACME
  • Liquid line return with ball valve and 1¾ inch ACME adapter
  • Miscellaneous valves, fittings, piping, and placards