Stock vessels, custom layouts, skirted and/or non-skirted units are available from Arrow Tank & Engineering to suit your needs as an assembler.

Plate for the shell is cut to size and openings are created by multi-axis torches on the CNC burn table.

Column and boom weld manipulators join longitudinal and circumferential seams with a submerged arc welding (SAW) process.

Circumferential welds for head and shell seams are produced with the aid of turning rolls.

Rolls are used to form the flat plate into shape of the vessel shell.

ASME code certified welders control and monitor the procedure from the pilot seat.

Baffles, relief valve flanges, and other openings are welded in place once the shell is complete.

Outlet flanges with beveled inside radius are manufactured by Arrow Tank and welded into the shell opening.

A department specializing in head layout prepares and installs openings as specified..

Manway assemblies are machined and fabricated by personnel onsite .

Heads are fitted to the shell after all the couplings and internal piping is installed. One final pass on the manipulator and the seams are complete.

All seams are 100% X-rayed to verify purity.